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Main » 2012 » December » 11 » Importance of Family (http://www.preservearticles.com/201107068913/short-paragraph-on-family.html)
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Importance of Family (http://www.preservearticles.com/201107068913/short-paragraph-on-family.html)
Family is an important social organization and the basic unit of social life. It is the cradle of civic virtues. According to Beni Prasad "The family takes the individual, so to say, out of himself, into life of loyalty, cooperation and altru­ism". It is within the family that the child learns the meaning of cooperation, self-control, loyalty and sympathy. The process of socialization starts in the family and this prepares the child for a world outside his home. It is only enables him to identify himself as an individual but also prepares him to be an ideal citizen.

Qualities of love and cooperation are inculcated in family. A child experi­ences the love being showered on him by his parents, from his childhood. The parents take care of the child and demonstrate a feeling of happiness when the child achieves something. Family members cooperate and share their work with each other, thus making life easy and comfortable.

Qualities of obedience and discipline are imbibed in the child within a fam­ily. Obeying and respecting the elders in a family result in a disciplined life. These qualities enable the child to be a good citizen and abide by the laws laid down by the government.

Qualities of tolerance and sacrifice are also instilled within the family. The younger generation may not agree with the ideas of the elders in the family, but they still accommodate their viewpoints, opinions and beliefs. This quality has a great value because of the diversity in our society.

Parents happily sacrifice their meager resources, for the child's education. These qualities of sacrifice are followed by the child
Main Idea : family is an social organization and the basic unit of the social lie.

Supporting Details : 1- family learns their child the meaning of cooperation, self-control, loyalty and sympathy
2- parents happily sacrifice their meager resources, for the child education

conclusion : what ever the parents do to their childern and sacrifice their entire life for their kids. their kids will do the same thing and they will follow their parents.
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4 Thel  
Dear Shahad and Sana,

The words are good. This will help your readers understand your article better.

You made something unique today and i do appreciate your cooperation. smile

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3 Sh94  
loyalty: being faithful
cooperation : being helpfull and communion
elderly : the old one
altruism : making someone jealouse or something like that
qualities : the good and bad thing in a person
sympathy feeling pity about someone or something.

thank you ms-ethel i appreciate that happy

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2 Thel  
Dear Shahad and Sana,

I like the way you wrote your title. The article really speaks about te importance of a family. Have you found any new word because your article is quite long. Please clafiy some words by giving meanings to the following: loyalty, cooperation, altruism, elderly, qualities.....and others...

Your conclusion seemed to be the moral of the article and I do agree with you. smile

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1 Sh94  
shahad al dossary
sana alqahtani

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