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Main » 2012 » December » 12 » Roa'a Al-Goneamy + Norah Al-zahrani
1:53 PM
Roa'a Al-Goneamy + Norah Al-zahrani
Friends is The Life

A lot of people go through life with only a few friends. It seems that some have less than that. They have no one on whom they can call in good times or bad. There is no one they can share problems with , or to talk about deep and troubling subjects. They have no one to call if they are happy or mad. They are at the mercy of life, standing alone.
Others seem to have a multitude of friends. Wherever they go, people know them, and like to be around them. Should trouble strike, their biggest hesitation might be over which friend to call. They know exactly the person with whom to discuss and solve the problems. Life is full of entertaining and invigorating relationships because it is full of friends.
There ought to be a course in school on friendship. To learn how to have a lot of good friends and how to make them like you. Of course, some people are perfectly happy to operate with fewer friends. They might rather have a few deep and loyal friends, than many superficial ones. It is not so much the number of friends that is important as is the possession of friends.
It is safe to say that when God created the world and all the majestic things in it, when he streaked the heavens with radiant color and the earth with grand mountains and awe-inspiring canyons, when he painted the plains with waving grasses and erected noble forests of towering trees, he outdid it all by creating friends. Why not take a moment or two and thank someone today for being a friend to you?
Be thankful to your god and be thankful to your friends also. Be honest and loyal, love them from the bottom of your heart, have fun with them as much as you can.

Difficult words : smile

Enriched = improve the quality of something, especially by adding things to it
Multitude = a very large number of people or things:
Boundaries = the real or imaginary line that marks the edge of a state, country etc
Superficial = not studying or looking at something carefully and only seeing the most noticeable things
Invigorating = making you feel healthy and giving you a lot of energy
Debate = discussion of a particular subject that often continues for a long time and in which people express different opinions
Sorrowful = very sad


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2 Roosh  
Ok Ms. I'll do what did you tell me about it..thanks for the advice. I wish a nice weekend for you biggrin

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1 Thel  
Hi Rwa,

I like the article but maybe you can change your title as: Friendship is my Life or My Friends are my Life...etc. Think of the best title that suits the article. The words were carefully defined which i like it. I think your readers will understand the article better. Your source was written below but please write it on the entry name next time. I just cannot find the supporting details and your conclusion and the topic sentence. I need the changes next meeting, Rwa. Enjoy the weekend! biggrin

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